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Installation Guidelines for aluminum control

Drive Side
single-section wide dampers

Induct Install Type
  • It is important to consider drive side when ordering single-section dampers, particularly when parallel blades are required.
  • Drive side will affect the direction the blades rotate to open and thereby affect the angle of airflow when parallel blades are not in the fully open position.
  • Drive side will not affect the angle of airflow for opposed blade dampers.
  • Single-section wide dampers can be ordered with drive rods on both sides.
  • Multiple-section wide dampers are always manufactured so that the leftmost section is left hand drive and the remaining sections are right hand drive.
  • If a damper requires a jackshaft that must extend beyond both sides of the damper section or assembly, this must be specified at the time of order.


TAMCO Aluminum Control Damper Installation Guidelines