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Purpose-Built Design

Series 1000 FB
Face & Bypass Damper

Series 1000 FB damper
  • These dampers are built with uninterrupted linkage. As a result, there is no mechanism that will loosen, fail, or be omitted.
  • Transmission of torque, or stroke is direct and without losses.
  • Section connections will not develop any wear or play.
  • The specifically designed blade extrusion is unique to this product.
  • This product offers a choice of opposed or parallel blade action.(Blade action type must be the same for the Face and the Bypass sections of any unit.)
  • Series 1000 FB dampers are constructed with all of the maintenance-free bearing and linkage components used in TAMCO's other high-quality products.
  • Standard blade depth is 6”(152 mm).

  • Caution: Never use any lubricants, such as grease or silicone on TAMCO dampers.

Series 1000 FB Face & Bypass Damper:

  • Although TAMCO manufactures Series 1000 FB dampers for use in face and bypass applications, we suggest that two separate dampers, each operated with its own dedicated actuator, would be the optimal method of achieving face and bypass operation.

ET - Elevated Temperature Option:

  • Suitable for high heat environments where temperatures may reach as high as 300°F (149°C), and where UL regulated control dampers are not a requirement.
  • For use in back-up generator stations, where excessive heat may be an issue.
  • For test laboratory applications, wherever high-heat conditions may exist.
  • A practical solution in mildly acidic applications, where Celcon bearings may not withstand environmental conditions. (See Options for more details.)

MR - Moisture Resistance Option:

  • Suitable for applications where dampers are exposed to extended periods of high humidity or high moisture, such as water treatment facilities, municipal pools, and greenhouses.
  • Cost effective alternative to the Salt Water Resistance Option for applications where salt spray is not a concern. (See Options for more details.)

SW - Salt Water Resistance Option:

  • Ideally suited for coastal climates.
  • Recommended for inland applications, where tire spray from winter-salted roads have been known to corrode dampers installed in close proximity to roads or highways. (See Options for more details.)

Recommendation: In applications where the humidity level is unusually elevated, or where there are extremely high levels of dust and dirt particles, we recommend that the damper linkage and bearing system should be cleaned once a year. This can be done with the use of a domestic strength steam cleaner. The loosened dirt and water droplets can then be blown out with compressed air.

Series 1000 FB and Series 1000 FB with ET, MR or SW Options:

Leakage rate does not exceed 3 cfm/ft² (15.2 l/s/m²) against 1 in w.g. (.25 kPa) differential static pressure.

ET - Elevated Temperature Option:

  • Blade and frame seals are extruded silicone, ensuring minimal change in leakage rates as temperature increases, making this damper ideal for high temperature applications.
  • Dampers are designed for operation in temperatures as high as 300°F (149°C) with bronze-oilite bearings.

MR - Moisture Resistance Option:

  • All zinc-plated steel hardware is replaced with stainless steel, protecting hardware from rust and corrosion when exposed to high humidity or high moisture environments.

SW - Salt Water Resistance Option:

  • Extruded aluminum frames, blades and hardware are clear anodized to a depth of 0.7 mil. (18 microns). This prevents rusting and pitting when dampers are exposed to salt spray or high humidity environments.
  • Blade and frame seals are extruded silicone, for reduced air leakage.
  • All zinc-plated, steel hardware is replaced wtih stainless steel, protecting hardware from rust and corrosion.
  • All aluminum linkage hardware parts are clear anodized.

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